A show about great video games and excellent beer. Every week we celebrate and moan about video games and what we've been playing whilst drinking and discussing several choice craft beers.
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Welcome everyone to Tanked Up! We chat craft beer, some regular beer and a whole lot of video games all whilst sampling the finest drinks of the land.


May 20, 2016

This week the pod is plagued by the gremlins that exist in the world of tubes and audio devices. Fair warning the audio is sub-optimal, to say the least. It's listenable, but sadly there are waves of noise coincidentally whenever Ben talks We also talk about some beers and games. Specifically Ben talks "Jotun" and "The Order 1886". Aadil talks about a couple of mobile games, "Star Wars: Heroes" and "Marvel: Future Fight", amidst griping about moving and packing.

Ben drinks the 'East India Pale' by Freedom Brewery and the Arbor 'M&S American IPA.

Aadil drinks the unique tasting winner of the Boxing Rock homebrew contest 'Where There's Smoke' Smoked Pale Ale and the Red Racer 'I.S.A.' India Session Ale.

Again apologies for the drowning audio, we will endeavour to avoid such situations in the future.

May 11, 2016

 This week Ben and Aadil take on three beers each, talk about: The Division, Tropico 5, Dragon Age: Origins and take on the latest Rumours about CoD: Infinite Warfare and the CoD 4 remake.


Aadil threw back Picaroons 'Feels Good' Imperial Pilsner, 49 Parallel 'Gypsy Tears' Red Ale and the Upstreet Craft Brewing & Boxing Rock collaboration 'Rumble in the Alley - Round II' Single Malt and Single Hops IPA.

Ben drank the Harbour Brewing 'Antipodean IPA', Samual Adams 'Rebel' IPA and Brewdog 'Hop Fiction' Pale Ale.

May 4, 2016

Its Star Wars Day! Ben and Aadil souse it up with chats about Star Wars games, and of course beers. We talk about the latest Battlefront, the best Battlefront, our top Star Wars Games, and what would make our ideal Star Wars Game.  And we read our first piece of listener mail.


Aadil has another from the New Brunswick Petit Sault, "Bob LeBoeuf", Garrison Brewery's 'Hoppy Buoy' American IPA, and North Brewing Company's Beligan IPA.

Ben has the Moor 'Return of the Empire' IPA and Cloudwater 'DIPA V3'.

Apr 27, 2016

It's a bumper episode this week as Ben and Aadil ramble on for a couple of hours. They discuss Battleborn, Mirrors Edge 2, The PS4 port of Zombi and Not a Hero culminating in a chat about the responsibility of broadcasters to their audience.

Ben drinks Brutal Brewing Pistonhead Kustom Lager, Crafty Dan '13 Guns' IPA and Hardknot 'Infrared' IPA.

Aadil drinks PEI Brewing ReAnimator Doppelbock, Les Brasseurs du Petit Sault 'Soeur Catherine' IPA and Uncle Leo’s IPA.

Apr 15, 2016

This week Ben and Aadil aim for a 'quick' episode, with the expected result. More on the FFXV demo, leading to a handful of discursive tangents. We also talk Dead Star, one of this months PS Plus games. 

This week's topic comes from the problems with the Division updates and what we can expect for support, communication, and how many of us are actually stretched out in the whaambulance.

Ben drinks a couple beers from Crossed Anchors Brewing, 3 C's Gold and North Star Spiced Ale. Aadil drinks Muskoka Mad Tom IPA and the Devil's Elbow IPA by Howe Sound. 

Apr 7, 2016

This week Ben and Aadil are joined by Ross 'The Boss' Miller from the Out of Lives network. They chat Quantum Break, The Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo and some more The Division. 

The topic this week revolves around Diversity in games and the furor around the new Baulders Gate expansion. 

Ben drinks Powder Keg 'Speak Easy' Transatlantic Pale, Wiper & True Amarillo Amber and Cloudwater Black IPA. Aadil's on stouts with Garrison Martello stout and Rogue 'Shakespeare' Oakmeal stout whilst Ross drinks all Scottish with Mcewan's Champion, An Teallach 'Crofters' Pale Ale and Drygate 'Gladeye' IPA.

Mar 30, 2016

Alex, Eve Online. Ben, Cities: Skylines and Darkest Dungeon. Aadil, The Division and Super Hot. Plenty of high abv craftbeers and a continuation of our discussion on game collections.

Alex trades in Starmade for Eve Online and enjoys is graphical beauty. Aadil has started the Division and gives his early impressions, talk then turns to the dark zone. Ben has returned to both Cities: Skylines and Darkest Dungeon to give further thoughts one year on. We also almost forget to discuss Super Hot, blame the beer. 

Talk turns to in game collectibles and a collective noise is made to outline our positions on their place in videogames.

This week Ben and Alex drink some high abv beers from Cloudwater Brew Co 'Lapsang Lichtenhainer', Buxton 'Tripel' and Tempest Brewing 'Old Parochial'. Aadil is under the weather so cheers himself up with some porters from Anchor Brewing and a Boxing Rock 'Sunken Ledge'.

Mar 16, 2016

The Division, DC Universe Online, Broforce, Beer, Ben, Aadil and a whole lot of rambling. 

Aadil kicks off talking DC Universe Online and a descent into pure MMO madness. Ben has dipped his toes into The Division and again descends into MMO madness and turns into a talk about online selling. Finally they've both played Broforce and reveled in the absurd 80's Action.

The topic this week revolves around Game Collections.

Aadil drinks Garrison Brewery 'Spruce Beer' & Picaroons Best Bitter. Ben goes a little more English and drinks Warwickshire Beer Co 'Lady Godiva' Golden Ale and 'Shakespeare's County'.

Mar 8, 2016

Alex, Aadil and Ben, Uncharted 4, Hitman Go, The Hitman Beta, Paragon and a whole lot of stuff in between.

Ben's been playing the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer stress test which leads to a discussion on twitch vs action shooters. Alex has once again played Starmade and discusses the Alpha build of the game and Aadil's been playing Hitman Go and the Hitman Beta and the guys chat gaming release models and fancy dress.

Aadil has also played the Paragon beta but can't really talk about it.

Ben and Alex drink Good Chemistry 'Hurly Burly', Beavertown '8 Ball' Rye IPA and Vocation Brewery 'Life & Death' IPA. Aadil's beers are North Brewing Winter Saison and Garrison Brewing IPA. Before recording Ben and Alex started on a Siren Craft Brew 'Calypso' and made lots of sour faces.

Feb 24, 2016

Ben and Aadil, Rogue Legacy, Firewatch and The Division. It's a packed episode this week.

Aadil and a friend have been playing Rogue Legacy and talk of this spirals into cross saves, remote play and the Steam control pad. Ben's play through of Firewatch leads to the dreaded term 'walking simulator' and why it's stupid. Finally Ben got to play a small amount of the open beta for The Division and they get into a chat about the current trend of open betas and game demos.

Aadil drinks Old Style 'Pilsner' whilst Ben is on Good Chemistry Brewing 'Big Bang' APA and Magic Rock 'Cannonball' IPA

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